"A powerful idea: American Energy Independence"

Count on Coal

States are starting to just say no and reject the EPA’s irresponsible Clean Power Plan. We can’t let the EPA drive up energy costs, suppress our economic growth and jeopardize the reliability of the electric grid in the years ahead, Speak up and just SAY NO! Read about here.

The Climate Pact Swindle

Yes, it’s a swindle. Typical Obama. Read Krauthammer’s excellent article here.

India may provide $1b for Australia Coal Mine

Imagine that, India is doing the sensible thing–maybe they know a thing or two about making good economic decisions, since they are a very big country developing country with lots of smart people like Adani and the bankers, who are not burdened by leftist nanny ideology and bias. Read the article from The Times of India here.

Is Coal Returning to Dominate the Energy Markets?

Maybe. Let’s hope. Watch the video from Fox News here.

Gore’s “24 Hours of Reality” Makes Tragic Mistakes

“Carbon pollution is warming our planet and creating dirty weather like extreme droughts, flooding, wildfires, and superstorms.” Al Gore frequently says this sort of thing. But scientists continue to explain that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which are Gore’s principal concern, are neither “carbon” nor “pollution.” Reporters on both sides of the debate understand this, of course, but give him a pass on the error. They should no longer do this. Carbon is a naturally occurring, non-toxic element found in all living things. Everything from medicines to trees to oil to our own bodies and those of all other creatures are made of carbon compounds. Pure carbon occurs in nature mainly in only two forms: graphite and diamonds. This continues to fall on deaf...