"A powerful idea: American Energy Independence"

Traffic is plunging at Healthcare.gov

As this article points out, if a private company implemented a website that had only a 0.3% success rate in the first week, followed by an 88 percent drop in traffic, the team responsible for that debacle would very quickly find itself out on the streets.    

World To Roast By 2047

Study in Nature reveals urgent new time frame for climate change. Read this crazy stuff here.

Bank Curbs Won’t Slow Coal’s Comeback

Good news for the coal industry: Several big banks have said they will apply much more stringent conditions to funding for coal-burning plants, yet coal use is rising in many parts of the world.

Law Makers Lash Out at Obama’s “War On Coal”

A bi-partisan group of 50 Kentucky lawmakers has appealed to President Obama to show greater sympathy for and grant relief to the nation’s beleaguered coal industry. Read the article here.

Dems Launch Pro-Coal Group

We have been wondering why more Democrats, many who live in Blue States, were not creating policies that recognize coal as an essential part of the transition to cleaner fuels, are supportive of the development and deployment of clean coal technologies, and include sustainable coal as an equal partner in the mix of future sustainable fuels. Well here we learn that there are Democrats who understand the importance of this fuel. It’s about time. We will follow this development and bring it you as it unfolds.