"A powerful idea: American Energy Independence"

Obama’s Global Warming Folly

As usual, Charles Krauthammer nails it in this article, published by National Review Online. Click on the title to read this great great article.

“The Claims Are Exaggerated”

John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia, says he’s an agnostic when it comes to global warming “science” [quotes ours] and compares those calling for action to religious zealots. He’s unconvinced that catastrophe is around the corner. We agree. Click on the title above to read the story in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Prepare for Global Warming Impact!

There’s not too much you can do about the weather. Preparing for floods, storms and tsunamis: yes, sure. But it’s downright criminal to tax and torture the coal energy industry in this country, which is already economically beleaguered. But this is what President Obama has in mind.

Prince Charles is Truly Mad, Not Simply Eccentric

This is the most insane thing we’ve seen Prince Charles say in a long time. And we do keep an eye out for his craziness.