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The Real Four Best Climate Change Stories of 2013

Red State writer Logan Albright writes “In the midst of what is shaping up to be a remarkable winter, liberals are doing their level best to cling to the fiction of human caused global warming. Recently, Neil Bhatiya of the Century Foundation, in an apparent effort to gin up the troops, published what he calls “2013’s Four Best Climate Change Stories,” celebrating increased regulations and executive overreach by governments to try to tell their citizens how to live. Curiously absent from the article, is any mention of the rapidly evaporating evidence for global warming. In the interest of being fair and balanced, then, here are what I consider to be the real four best climate change stories of...

Coal Must Embrace All-Out Battle with Eco-Battles

Meekly accepting blame for climate change dooms the industry and the greater economy. Read it here.  

A Big Chill Is On The Way

Minnesota hasn’t had a six-day stretch colder than the one the state has just suffered through since the Nixon administration, 1972. From December 6 through 11, the temperature in Duluth averaged 6 degrees. The Brainerd Dispatch went farther back in history to find the record coldest six-day stretch in December. If you’re curious, it was 1927, when for six days in Brainerd, the average temperature was 7.5 degrees below zero. Click here to read the article by Powerline.

Typhoons of Nonsense

As Powerline says, “It was inevitable that the climateers and their handwringing handmaidens of the media would pronounce Typhoon Halyan is proof of climate change.  So hand over your car keys and turn your thermostat down!  It is tedious and boring to have to deal with this, but, like hauling the trash to the curb every week, somebody has to do it.” We’ve decided to help them. Read about it here.


We’re very fond of this sad little article from the Daily Caller. Hope you get a good laugh out of it, too!