"A powerful idea: American Energy Independence"

Good Times to Return for Coal Producers

We’re very pleased about the fact that coal is experiencing a resurgence in the US. Read what Walter Energy has to say about in this article.

Coal: The Dirty, Indispensable Fuel

Jack Kemp writes in the AP about the indisputable fact that coal is here to stay. He says that “coal remains the dominant source of electricity in the United States. In the year to June, coal-fired plants supplied an average of 132 terrawatt-hours (TWh) per month, compared with 98 TWh from natural gas, 64 TWh from nuclear and 23 TWh from conventional hydroelectric dams”. Read the entire article here.

David Horowitz on the Real Goal of ObamaCare

We love David Horowitz, so it is a pleasure to report he has a new book out called “The Black Book of the American Left, Volume I – My Life and Times”. In this post, which we hope you will watch and enjoy, he speaks with The Glazov Gang. Click here.

Global Cooling in our Future?

Better start investing in some warm clothes because German scientists are predicting that the Earth will cool over the next century. German scientists found that two naturally occurring cycles will combine to lower global temperatures during the 21st century, eventually dropping to levels corresponding with the “little ice age” of 1870. Read the whole article here by clicking on the title. We’d love to hear your thoughts.