"A powerful idea: American Energy Independence"

The Moral Case Against Fossil Fuels

And it’s absurd. Why is the coal industry viewed as immoral? Because for decades, environmentalist leaders have made a false but unanswered moral case against the fossil fuel industry—by arguing that it inherently destroys our planet and should be replaced with environmentally beneficial solar, wind and biofuels. We believe that the moral case against fossil fuels is not only false, but is the exact opposite of the truth. Fossil fuels don’t take a clean environment and make it dirty, they take a dirty environment and make it clean. They don’t take a safe climate and make it dangerous, they take a dangerous climate and make it safe. The industry doesn’t deplete resources, it creates resources out of once-useless raw materials. Read entire article...

IPCC vs Mother Nature

From Wizbang, global-warming alarmists probably don’t want you to remember that. A failed prediction is not the sort of thing that helps global-warming alarmists to obtain government grants. Read the article here.

Obama’s Latest Target

Here he comes, again. Obama knows he’s been rejected at the ballot box. Now, he’s trying to force all these things on us and dare the Republicans in Congress and conservatives across the nation to oppose him. We have to be vigilant, and we have to hold Congress’s feet to the fire. These regulations will greatly burden our economy in the name of a pseudo-scientific political agenda.. We can’t let that happen.